The Mercy Eyes Social Service Organization (MESSO INDIA) is registered voluntary organization rendering services among the impoverished people in Cuddalore and Trichy District since 1995 founded by Mr.A.Josephraj with the cooperation of like minded educated persons for enlighten its vision.

Thematic Value:

“Joint together for promoting the rights of the marginalized and neglected people”

Our Vision

Our vision at Mercy Eyes Social Service Organization – India in proven off to provide holistic services to the under privileged especially women and children for reaching out to the gross roots where the services are to be needed and lifted.

Our services will focus an assessing addressing individual strength and needs, setting personal goals, and providing Socio, Economic, Environmental Conservation, healthy and cultural free environment that encourages sustainable growth and development.

Our Field of Interventions and focusing areas

  • Eradication of child labor, child beggar and street children through continuous formation, non formal education and counseling.

  • Organizing NCP- Neighborhood Children Parliament

  • Livelihood for the school dropouts, unemployed & underemployed youth both boys and girls.

  • Medical and health care services to for poor, needy and neglected people. Special emphasize given for the communicable diseases such as dengue, flue fever, typhoid, malaria, chickenguniya and so on.

  • Old age home for helpless and uncared people.

  • Awareness creation through IEC materials (Information, Education & Communication), cultural programs on TB/Polio/ STD/HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.

  • Organizing Cohesive Self Help Groups among the women, widows, destitute and other neglected.

  • Environmental Conservation and Preservation


    • Toilet facilités for 65 boys and girls (rural village orphans and downtrodden -vadakuthu colony, cuddalore Dt).
    • Land 10 cents: Rs.15,00,000 /-
    • Bourwel: Rs. 2,20,000 /-
    • Seperate construction: Rs. 3,60,000 /-
    • Library construction for them  Rs. 2,15,000 /- (Chairs ,benches ,electrical, cub-Board etc).
    • Knowledge centre and for Tuition. Construction Cub board, Electrical, Benches and Chairs:  Rs .2,70,000 /-

         Total Needed Cost:

  •          INR  Rs: 25,65,000 /-
  •          USD : 35,812.90