1. Livelihood interventions for the widows, destitute women and people living under the poverty-

  • Developing backyard poultry

  • Kitchen garden

  • Phenol and washing soap making

  • Selling of Greens, fish and dry fish

  • Cow and goat rearing and so on


  1. Establishment of the NCP – Neighborhood Children Parliament

  • Organizing the NCP among the children

  • Conducting the election

  • Taking oath to take responsibilities

  • Conducting special coaching classes

  • Activities on community development

  • Pertaining the child right interventions

  • Supporting to the needy and poor children on their educational career

  • Ensuring the Free And Compulsory Act 1999


  1. Capacity building among the various stakeholders

  • Training to the rural CBOs Community based organizations

  • Training the various personal skill development

  • Capacity building training to the youth on RTI- Act (Right to Information Act), Legal rights training, Un-touchable Law, Violence against women

  • Capacity building training to the Person with disability on convention rights of the person with disability

  • Capacity building training to the Person with disability on PWD Act convention rights of the person with disability

  • Distribution of stationeries, uniforms and paying the school fees to the destitute and poor children

  • Developing the interpersonal and personal hygiene

  • Capacity building training to the staff, volunteers and members of the organization

  • Conducting the seminar on various social causes such as tobacco uses, alcohol addict and so on


  1. Organizing the health & screening camps to prevent the communicable diseases and transmitted diseases

  • Conducting the village level health camps and medical consultation to the poor and needy people especially eye camp, general medical camp and diabetic and TB prevention camp

  • Prevention of waterborne diseases


  1. Organizing the various Campaign

  • Child labor & Street children,

  • Domestic violence against women

  • Infanticide

  • Uses of plastics and ill effect of co2


  1. Community based rehabilitation intervention among the person with disabilities

  • Organizing the person with disabilities into cohesive self group

  • Orient the rural person with disabilities incapable of various schemes available in the government and voluntary organizations

  • Distribution of artificial limbs and aids and appliances

  • Guide and counseling among the person with disabilities

  • Referral and linkages to the person with disabilities into various client resource system

  • Skill training to the rural children with disabilities and youth with disabilities


  1. Distribution of IEC-Information, Education and Communication on to minimize the various social evils and causes

  • Developing and distribution of various themes of IEC materials among the government offices, CBS and public communities


  1. House to the Houseless

  • Construction of houses to the person with disabilities, people of gipsy and nomads, dalits and unsecured

  • Construction of Toilets for minimizing the open defecation


  1. Environmental Protection and Conservation

  • Tree plantation in the thane affected areas and waste lands

  • Scientific research on global warming with the guidance and consultant of Dr.Abdul Ajis

  • Minimizing the plastic usages

  • Training on global warming

  • Awareness generation various dimensions of the environmental protection


  1. Guidelines & counseling, medical support, educational support, legal aid among the people who are working in abroad and their family members.

  • Developing the social security and protection the family members of the immigrant

  • Educational support to their children

  • Legal aid to their problems in relate their migration

  • Medical support

  • Counseling and guidance